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Network NFT Studios was born out of a love for storytelling and the experience to deliver.  

Network NFT Studios was born out of a love for storytelling and the experience to deliver.  

Network Entertainment is a globally recognized film and television production company that produces award-winning documentaries and documentary series for leading streaming platforms, television networks, theatrical exhibition, and every imaginable digital platform around the world.

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Meet The Team

Tom Lombardi
President, NFT Studios
Tom brings 20 years of experience in fintech, software, and blockchain to lead Network NFT Studios. He is also an adjunct professor at Pepperdine University, teaching Digital Asset Finance.
Foster Schlienz
Foster has a distinctive blend of project management, customer success and blockchain development experience. He has launched NFT projects from conception to execution.
Curtis White
Business Development
Curtis has broad industry expertise with strengths in corporate strategy, partnerships, and finance. He has been deeply immersed in the NFT space as a collector and enthusiast.
Brian Gersh 
President, Network U.S.
Brian was formerly co-head of Motion Picture at The William Morris Agency and a partner at The Talent Entertainment Group. He has represented numerous A-list talent including Robert Downey Jr, Sean Penn, Drew Barrymore, and others.
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Jennifer Roberts
Managing Art Director
Jennifer works with the CCO and design team at Network NFT Studios. She has extensive experience in design, publications and media with clients including TD Ameritrade, Formula 1, and Instagram.
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Derik Murray
Founder, CEO, Network Entertainment
Derik, the founder of Network Entertainment, is an award-winning Executive Producer, Producer, and Director whose vision has guided Network to become a globally recognized film and television production company.
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Paul Gertz
President & COO, Network Entertainment
Paul has a unique combination of business acumen, legal training, and creative experience with companies including Lucasfllm and Hanna-Barbera that spans four decades.